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Mission Vision StatementThe self-help ebook Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path to a Successful Business Future is now available. This easy-to-use e-book is now online, together with four other important self-help leadership and business tools.

How and why were these self-help tools developed for you?
Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path to a Successful Business Future was the first of a series of self-help e-books that have been developed by Don Midgett, the Managing Partner of GenesisGroup Inc. GenesisGroup has been consulting with large and small companies, government leadership, and nationwide organizations on the importance of well-crafted mission and vision statements. Today everyone from marketing experts, consultants from all fields, community service organizations including firefighters, churches, and colleges to families and individuals are realizing the need for a clear direction of purpose.

Why have a mission and vision statement?
(1) Whether you are involved with a business, organization, individual or committee, a mission clearly states your reason for existing and is your foundation for developing a specific plan for future actions.
(2) A mission and vision driven organization accelerates your success by solving problems and making decisions based on long-term goals, something most businesses and organizations neglect to do (especially in a time of crisis).

Our team has been asked by hundreds of people for an easy and succinct way to organize their thoughts and ideas to create and use a successful mission and vision statement. Thanks to the power of the Internet, it is now easier than ever to put this kind of program together with an easy to follow system.  “My purpose with this self-help e-book on mission and vision statements is to allow everyone, no matter what they do or want to achieve, the means to discover their mission in life and clearly see their vision for the future.  My vision is that over one million people will discover their true purpose and desired future; the result will be an improved world” says author and Managing Partner of GenesisGroup Inc., Don Midgett.

Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path to a Successful Business Future, 81 pages, is available in digital format for $25.00.  Click on the Mission and Vision Statements tab at the top of the page or the link above to purchase this useful self-help tool.

Download Mission VIsion

Companion Leadership Tools:

You will find other helpful and very reasonably priced self-help business and organizational leadership materials under the Leadership Products tab at the top of the page or through the links here – check out these valuable e-book products as well:

Leadership Training
This Leadership Training information provides eleven chapters of solutions for our changing world.  “This is a must have self-help leadership tool.” Art Lassario, Business Owner
“Every manager should be familiar with and use these exercises.” Justine Froelicher, Manager/Business Owner

Building A Customer Service Culture
This information is a quick and easy read to help you develop your customer service skills and provide you with some effective yet easy to use self-help business tools and ideas.  “Because of this process I formed the language and passion of the true meaning of what was deep within me.” Tim Logerquist, Director of Missions

For Recent Customer Relationship and Service Articles:
See our 4/25/2013 blog post on “Building Customer Relationships and Satisfaction” 

Project Management – A Guide To Plotting Your Course
This Project Management Guide is a quick and easy read to help you develop your project management skills and provide you with some easy to use self-help business tools to successfully complete projects.
“Anyone managing a business, people or projects can benefit from this material.” Anne Sych, Marketing Manager

Effective Meetings and Meeting Facilitation
The information in this ebook is a quick and informative read to help you develop your meeting and meeting facilitation skills.  This self-help product will provide you with some easy to use tools to successfully complete your meetings.
“It helped give me more credibility with the people I worked with and more cooperation from them – a great win-win situation.” Stan Hakes, Public Works Director

Check out these useful self-help tools right away – one of the best investments you can make!
…..at a very reasonable cost!!