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The success of Don Midgett’s business, The GenesisGroup, is a testimony to the results that can be achieved with clearly defined mission and vision statements. During his years of strategic planning consulting with all sizes and types of businesses and organizations, Don realized that it was impossible for them to fulfill their purpose by focusing solely on how to solve current problems.

His work proved a significant fact: clear and compelling mission and vision statements make it easy for a business to develop a customized strategic plan for future actions. A mission and vision driven organization accelerates its success by solving problems and making decisions based on long-term goals. This is the philosophy that underlies his e-book Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path to a Successful Business Future.

Since 1986 Don and his associates at The GenesisGroup have dedicated their expertise to helping hundreds of business owners understand how to use clear, effective mission and vision statements, success goals and strategic planning to grow their businesses. With additional skills in leadership development, strategic planning, organizational dynamics and teambuilding, The GenesisGroup has extensive experience working with government agencies, including a White House Commission for Small and Minority Businesses, new business owners, and with many privately and publicly held companies. Don personally helped a prominent government organization turn around a multi-million dollar loss in less than 12 months by implementing a vision-driven startegic planning process.

Don has authored and had published hundreds of articles on business, leadership, management, strategic planning and self-help. Many of his articles have been published on:
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Don and his associates at The GenesisGroup are available for consulting, leadership seminars and workshops on a wide range of business growth and management topics. Click here to contact the GenesisGroup now.