testimonials_stan4These examples and case studies are from leadership, management and business entrepreneurs who have used the strategic planning process and exercises given in the e-book Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path to A Successful Business Future.

Case Study #1 — City Public Works Department
Objective: to bring a team of managers, engineers, maintenance workers and administrative personnel together to increase awareness and cooperation
Result: “The development and use of our mission and vision statements helped provide more credibility with the people we worked with and increased teamwork and cooperation among staff members and other departments.”

Case Study #2 — Financial Firm
Objective: to generate benefit for our company
Result: “Our company has benefited greatly since the inception of the mission and vision statement. Every company, family, couple or individual should have one…I can’t stress that strongly enough.”

Case Study #3 — Hotel and Restaurant Operations
Objective: to provide follow-up and closure to a vast array of strategic plans and renovations
Mission Vision StatementResult: “There is always something to work towards. If we want to do new things, we will now check to see if it matches our mission statement and vision for the future. Our focus and strategic planning changed from going all over the place to getting things done from start to finish.”

Case Study #4 — Doctor
Objective: to provide the motivation and incentive to build a successful practice
Result: “We found it works on a personal level as well as a business level.”

Case Study #5 — Non-Profit Organization Director
Objective: to provide the leadership and direction to bring together a diverse group of personalities to achieve a united purpose and desired future
Result: “Because of this mission and vision statement process, I formed the language and passion of the true meaning of what was deep within me.”

Case Study #6 — Pastor
Objective: to discover the true passion, mission and desired future for my church and congregation; the church goals
Result: “The things I learned in this “how to write mission and vision statements” process are just part of me now. That was a real growing experience for me. I’ll be forever grateful.”

Case Study #7 — Fire Behavior Analyst & Firefighter
Objective: to be a better manager and gain better use of my time; to attend a leadership or strategic planning seminar
Result: “I want to manage my time and project selection, and mission and vision statements help do that. This e-book was great; I could prepare them at home, go at my speed, and a much better use of my time and dollars than attending a leadership seminar.”

Case Study #8 — New Business Owner
Objective: to provide a focus and purpose for our strategic planning efforts and define a clear direction for the future
Result: “Now the checks are more consistent and larger. We are a successful business because we are more focused and have established success goals. Before, we were like a boat without oars, just floating around and going where the wind took us. Our mission and vision statements gave us the oars that let us go in the direction we wanted to go.”

Example #1 — National Symphony Orchestra Conductor
Personal Mission Statement for Classical Conductor Christoph Eschenbach:
“It will be my mission to bring this great orchestra, in a great city, in a great Country, to greater prominence around the world.”

Example #2 — Fashion Design & Clothing
The Vision Statement and Mission Statement for Butterfly Effect Clothing:
“Our vision is to provide artistically challenging garments with you in mind. Our mission is to pursue this vision to greatness and our focus is on you – our customers!”

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For some other example Vision Statements visit:

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