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5 Top Providers for Online Studies – A Good Way to Aid Your Mission and Vision for the Future

Looking for a new or updated mission and vision? Desiring a better future? Look to Online Studies

More and more people are going to online studies and instruction these days. People of all ages, both young and old, are seeking a better defined mission and vision for the future. There are many sites that offer online studies, both for free and for a fee. Five of the top providers are:

The Great Courses – offers over 500 courses. Lectures are about half an hour and courses range from 6 to 96 lectures. Courses are purchased as online modules or on CDs/DVDs. Prices range from $15 to $230. Special offers are given by Great Courses Plus and Amazon Prime.

Big Think – offer topics ranging from business and technology to health and entertainment. There is a new podcast every week for 45 to 60 minutes, on a different subject. There are also lots of articles and videos, all free.

Universal Class – courses in do it yourself, history, and cooking are some of the courses available. Average time commitment is 10 to 20 hours, including class time, assignments and exams.

Yale University – professors from this school offer an array of free courses, varying from the liberal arts to the sciences. Lectures are supplemented with syllabi, transcripts and other specific resources.

EDX – this was developed by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its mission is to make higher education available to more people. Time commitments range from 45 minutes for a single lecture to a few hours a week for up to 12 weeks.

Some quick tips for studying online:

1 – Try before you buy – preview courses before you enroll. Be sure the instructor’s style is right for you, especially if paying

2 -understand the requirements – do you need to complete tasks before moving on? … is there a real-time element requiring you to join classes at set times? …be sure a class works for your schedule.

3 – make the time commitment – schedule the days and times you plan to take the courses and stick to it.

4 – Do not multi-task or take short cuts – if you do not engage, you will not learn. Engage and learn!

5 – study and practice – commit to doing assignments; a helpful aspect of online learning – you can go back and review lectures and assignments when you need to.

If you need additional help with better understanding and defining your desired mission and vision, please go to for additional assistance. There you will find many resources to assist you.

Tips for Having a Mission and Vision Driven Online Learning Experience

Do you know what your specific mission (purpose) and vision (desired outcome) are for your planned online learning experience? Here are five tips for making any online learning experience you undertake more mission and vision driven and achieve its purpose and desired outcomes.

#1. Preview  – many times you can preview courses before enrolling. Also see if you can be sure the instructor’s style appeals to you and what you are looking for, especially if it is a paid course.

#2. Course Requirements – be sure to understand all the requirements. You may need to complete certain tasks before you are allowed to move to the next lesson(s). Are there real-time elements that require you to join classes or teleconferences at scheduled times? Remember, if a course or class does not work for your schedule, you will not succeed.

#3. Time Commitment – be sure to schedule the days and times you want and plan to take the courses. Do this even if you are not required to sign in at scheduled times.

#4. No Short Cuts – do not multitask or be engaged with other things. If you do not fully engage, you will not learn.

#5. Study & Practice – typically no one will be monitoring your online course progress. You must commit to fulfilling assignments or you shortchange yourself. One very helpful tool of online learning is the ability to go back and review materials when you need to.

By using these five tips, you will create for yourself a mission and vision driven online learning experience that will produce your desired purpose and outcome. If you need additional help in seeing and defining your desired mission and vision for the future, please go to There you will find helpful information and tools to assist you, no matter what your desired purpose or future; hoping this helps you have a better online learning experience.

Top 5 Secrets to Great Leadership

“What is the secret to great leadership?” is one of the most often asked questions you hear in leadership and management consulting. Building a team of people and leading that team can be a daunting task. Many leaders have struggled for years and continue to struggle with that issue. That is why I think it extremely important and valuable to list the top five secrets to being a great leader. Here they are:

#1 – Have a mission and vision statement
#2 – Hire well
#3 – Have a proper employee orientation at the start
#4 – Hold regular meetings
#5 – Hold recognition and special events

As a leader, you will want to do these things to create an effective team. It is your role as the leader to build a team that will get the results you desire, i.e., your mission and vision statements that define your purpose and desired future – and the results delivered by the team you are surrounded by.

Need help with your leadership skills or an update to your mission and vision statement? Then go to for a number of key resources to assist you today.

Trump Promises A New Vision

The Trump Era Begins – A New Vision

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, is showing that his new vision of America First is alive and off and running. President Trump’s inaugural address promised “a new vision” that will indeed transfer power from Washington, D.C. back to the people. A few key points in his address was the theme of buy American – hire American and think big and dream even bigger.

Trump’s other than ordinary address followed his campaign talk and promising change to shake up the nation’s economy and international involvements. It was said that he delivered one of the “most ominous inaugural addresses ever,” which just was a reinforcement of what he said on the campaign trail. One thing for sure, Trump’s address tells us that he is going to be an entirely new kind of President, however, one with a vision for America’s future.

Do you need a new vision for your future? For help go to for a treasure trove of information that will help you, whether an individual with a dream or an organization with a purpose to fulfill.

Success for Space X – A Vision Achieved

Success for Space X in First Launch Since Explosion – A Mission and Vision Achieved

Space X had success as it sends 10 satellites into space in its first flight since the Launchpad explosion of September 1, 2016. Four months after the explosion, analysts describe the launch as “all important” according to recent Wall Street Journal articles. The Hawthorne space company needed success to reestablish customer confidence and momentum. It was apparent that stakes were high for last Saturday’s launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base. The launch was a success as it deployed the first 10 satellites of a new commercial venture. There were three postponements for either technical or weather reasons, but the launch success resulted in the Falcon 9 rocket delivering a cluster of new satellites to revitalize aging technology.

Just minutes after liftoff, the first-stage rocket booster successfully landed upright on a floating platform in the Pacific Ocean. This was part of a company vision and goal to save money by reusing major components in multiple launches. Later Elon Musk acknowledged that all satellites had been successfully set into orbit.  This is a great example of the power of vision.

Need help with establishing future goals or a future vision for your enterprise, business or organization? Then go to for materials that will assist you in achieving your desired future and vision.

Vision for Leading Global Indicators is Bright

The future vision for leading global indicators is bright. Gauges of future activity predict faster global economic growth. This is according to a recently published article in the Wall Street Journal. It cites indicators recently released by the Paris based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Their gauges of future activity show signs that growth will speed up. This growth will occur in the U.S., China, Brazil and other developed economies around the world. These leading indicators from the OECD are consistent with World Bank forecasts. Their research shows that global economic growth will accelerate. The global economy is predicted to grow from last year’s 2.3% to 2.7%.

Is Your Future Impacted?

If you are impacted by this future activity, be sure your mission and vision statements are up to date. They should reflect the activities needed to expand your enterprise, whatever it may be. If you need help, please visit for very useful information.

Test Your Mission and Vision Statements

Time to test drive your mission statement and vision statement? You have now completed your mission statement and vision statement.  You have your vehicle (the mission) and the destination (your vision).  “Now,” states Don Midgett, author of Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path to a Successful Business Future, “you have to see whether the maps (the statements) take you where you want to go.”banner_newhome2013.gif

Your vision statement has to carry you forward into the future and sustain you when you hit dead ends, blind alleys or other obstacles in your path.  If you have monitoring processes in place, you will know whether your maps are taking you toward your destination.  Here are 5 of l7 test questions listed in Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path to a Successful Business Future to help you test drive your mission and vision statements.

l.. Does your mission and vision support what should be your main sources of income? 

2.  If your business achieves the vision statement, will it be successful?

3. If someone contacted you about what seemed like a reasonable opportunity, are your statements specific enough to give you a business-oriented reason to accept or reject that opportunity based on your mission and vision statements?

4.  Do the mission and visions statements, when compared to the statements of similar businesses, clearly set your company apart?  Do they show your unique selling proposition?

5. Do you statements guide you toward an ideal customer?

The benefits from doing a test drive of your mission and vision statements will test their present accuracy, despite changes in the business or the thinking within your company.  It will define goals and the products or services that match your mission.  When you test, you remove the guesswork as to whether your ideas work in the real marketplace.

If you have yet to develop or you want to test drive your mission statement and vision statement and need additional help, visit now.  You will find case studies, ezine articles and press releases that will be helpful, as well as the e-book on mission and vision statements, now used in 35 countries.

How to Have an Effective Vision Statement

Here’s how to have an effective vision statement:

  • An effective vision statement has support from the top. Leadership must be the vision’s foremost preacher!Kozzi-business_people_aiming_high-23
  • The vision must be articulated clearly and forcefully on every occasion.
  • Effective visions are inspiring, clear, and challenging:  they prepare for the future and honor the past.
  • Leadership must live the vision!  Leaders at all levels must model their actions consistent with the vision statement at all times.
  • Be sure to build on strengths and emphasize the creation of enduring capabilities.

Need help with your mission and vision statements?  Go to now.



Building Customer Relationships and Satisfaction

Build Customer Relationships and Satisfaction with These 12 Processes

Building customer relationships and satisfaction is critical in any business, industry, or public segment. It is something that is done over time and with a carefully tailored set of processes. To build a customer service culture, strengthen customer relationships and determine customer satisfaction, the following set of processes are needed to respond to new customers, retain existing customers and develop new opportunities.Kozzi-vector_image_of_people_holding_idea_bulb-38

  • works at building customer loyalty
  • easy for customers to comment or complain; methods and
    procedures are in place
  • complaints processed in a timely manner
  • complaints and their responses are tracked
  • indicators and measures exist for key customer requirements
  • customer service process provides accountability and standards
  • ongoing research into customer needs and desires
  • customer comments/complaints analyzed for improvement
    opportunities and to manage relationships better
  • measures customer satisfaction
  • proactive follow-up for all customers
  • evaluates and builds customer relationships
  • takes action based on customer evaluation data

Building, customizing and using the twelve process areas above will allow you to build your customer relationships and customer satisfaction with informed input and meaningful assessments.  For additional help go to and review the information on building a customer service culture, including an ebook on the topic.

Mission and Vision Statements – What’s the Point or Benefit?

What’s the Point?

Mission and vision statements articulate as clearly and vividly as possible why an organization exists, and put into words the desired “future state” of the organization.  A vision statement is a stated desired future that provides direction, aligns the key players and energizes people to achieve common goals. It states your organizational dream — it stretches the imagination and motivates people to rethink what is possible.

Well known is the old proverb, “Without a vision the people perish.”  Clear mission and vision statements are the most critical elements of a successful organization-wide transformation and are the heart of every enterprise’s strategic plan.  Mission and vision statements should be completely representative of the business you are in.  They will clearly state your goals and ideals, and concisely communicate these points to your marketplace, suppliers and employees.

What’s the Benefit?

While a mission statement communicates the purpose of your organization, your vision statement concentrates on the future with an optimistic but realistic perspective.  A vision communicates values; it is literally a possible dream.  Some inherent benefits of confirmed mission and vision statements:

  • They empower an enterprise
  • They build on the past
  • They are a vehicle for developing and communicating common values throughout the organization
  • They result in an increased and more meaningful commitment from management and workers
  • They unify people at all levels toward a common goal

Need help with your mission and vision statements?  Please go to now to receive additional information.