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Retirees Seek New Missions and Visions for Their Future

Candidate Jobs for Retirees Seeking New Missions and Visions for Their Future

Are retirees and baby boomers seeking new missions to accomplish and visions for their upcoming future? According to a recent survey by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, 40% of boomers plan to continue working part time after leaving their current jobs. Many will use their developed career skills. The others will find an entirely new field. There are some jobs more suited for retirees. The real success is in doing something that feels more like fun. Your ideal new mission and vision for your life? It should be something other than the normal work grind and daily routine that one is used to.

Here are 10 jobs that AARP recently listed as good candidate “jobs going back to work for”:
1 – Interpreter/Translator
2 – Tax Return Preparer
3 – Ride-Hailing Driver
4 – Park Ranger
5 – Direct Salesperson
6 – Dog Walker or Pet Sitter
7 – Retail Cashier
8 – Craft Worker
9 – Package Courier
10 – Your Old Job, Part Time

Are you a retiree or baby boomer and starting to feel restless? Or do you need extra money for other expenses? An enjoyable part time job effort could be your solution. Need help with determining what desired purpose and future is right for you? Please visit to find self-help items for your new mission and vision.


Use Your Mission and Vision Statements to Get Out Your Message

Congratulations. You have created your business mission and vision statements. They are clear, defined and match your business products or services. Next comes the important work of communicating them to your employees, customers, vendors – anyone that plays a 247516072475160720120331_0038_successrole in the future of your business.

This step should be repeated often in the history of your business. It is an accepted fact that customer retention has diminished. The barrage of deferring product and service information spearheaded at both current and future customers has produced mis-information, credibility loss, and inaction, and will stagnate your business if not challenged.

It is true that  the old adage “actions speak louder than words” has taken a back seat  in the current business environment but that is not the only or even best key to rely on for the success of your business.   Here are strategic actions to produce positive results by communicating your mission and vision statements:

Begin with the inside, your employees.  Conduct a group briefing or if practical, a one-on-one discussion of the company’s mission and vision statements. Do they understand and believe the statements and support the overall effort of the business? Have they additions they believe should be included? Have they suggested changes? Do they see themselves and the work they do somewhere in both the mission statement and the vision statement? Do they join you in your commitment? Are your employees updated on company reports? The importance of knowledgeable employees can never be underestimated. In fact, they are your walking advertising dollars!

Reaching out to vendors and customers with a well defined and friendly website that includes the ability to follow up on questions or share information can be very useful.  Many businesses today offer e-newsletters for their customers.

Sponsoring community events have often been seen as part of the advertising budget, but many businesses do not look at their community calendar for events that could be a good fit for their business.  Look for opportunities to communicate your mission statement and vision statement at such events as career day at your local schools. Don’t just sponsor – BE a part of the event!  Professional, social or community meetings attended are advertising budget friendly.

Take a good look at the track record of the group. Talk to other members on their experience and effectiveness of the group before joining. Like minds draw other like minds so look for successful positive experiences with your choices.

Stay accountable in your business. Whether it is an enquiry, compliment, customer or employee matter, it is your business. You have the strength of your well and clearly defined mission and vision statements to stand on and they will keep you on task.

If you want to learn more and see excellent resources to help you create, update, implement or communicate your mission statement and vision statement go to now.