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These self-help leadership products are all oriented and developed to be effectively used by all levels of leadership and management.  These e-books can be useful to individuals or enterprises.  They are affordable, easy-to-use leadership tools and will energize your business and lay a solid foundation for success.

Mission and Vision Statements  Best Seller!
An e-book that will help you discover your purpose and desired future.

Leadership Training
An e-book with 11 chapters of self-help solutions.

Building a Customer Service Culture
Many effective and easy to use tools and ideas to help you develop your customer skills.

Project Management – A Guide to Plotting Your Course
An e-book to develop your project management skills and provide you with some easy to use tools to successfully complete projects.

Effective Meetings & Meeting Facilitation
An e-book to develop your meeting and meeting planning and facilitation skills.  This product will provide you with some easy to use tools to successfully complete your meetings.

About the Author:

Don Midgett is the author of all these e-tools.  He is the Managing Partner for The GenesisGroup, helping organizations and leaders discover their full potential.  To learn more about having Don work directly with you or your enterprise to develop effective mission and vision statements, create ongoing, living strategic plans or conduct team building efforts, please send an email to don@missionvisionstatement.com and you will be contacted.