Building A Customer Service Culture

Building A Customer Service Culture is a quick and easy read designed to help you develop your customer service skills and provide you with effective yet easy to use tools and ideas.

There are over 40 pages of content for you to use, complete with examples, exercises and diagrams to illustrate the concepts and tools presented.  The material is designed and organized so you can read it from beginning to end, as well as read the various sections in order to adapt it to your specific needs.

The information is divided into four (4) phases, to give you a structured and easy process for building your customer service culture:

  1. Analyze Your Customers
  2. Measure and Track Customer Satisfaction
  3. Eliminate Roadblocks to Effective Customer Service
  4. Build A Customer Satisfaction Process

A few excerpts of the topics you will find:

Twelve Customer Expectations and Requirements
Keys to Great Customer Service
Customer Service Guidelines
Building Customer Relationships and Satisfaction
How Excellent Organizations Measure Customer Satisfaction and Value
The Learning Organization Checklist
Problem Solving Guidelines
Customer Service Follow-up
Exceptional Customer Service Checklist
Ten Steps to Building a Customer Satisfaction Process
Questions to Help You Build a Customer Service Culture

One of the best uses of this material is to put it all in your “toolbox” and then pull out to use whatever materials you need when you need it.  If building a customer service culture is important to you and what you are doing, download your copy of Building A Customer Service Culture self-help ebook now.