Effective Meetings and Meeting Facilitation

Effective Meetings and Meeting Facilitation is an e-book that is a quick and informative read to help develop your meeting planning and facilitation skills.  This product will provide you with some easy to use tools to successfully conduct and complete your meetings.

BureauEffective Meetings and Meeting Facilitation is an ebook that offers over 30 pages of content for you to use, complete with samples to illustrate the concepts and tools used.  The material is presented so you can read it from beginning to end and adapt it to your specific needs.  This information will help you with some basic meeting objectives:

  • To be considered “good”, your meetings need to be examples of efficiency – in management of both time and money.  As a meeting leader, you need tools and a plan for your meetings that will be effective and produce results.
  • This information is designed to provide you with ways to cut the time and reduce the costs of your meetings and get action and results from your meeting decisions.
  • Remember, your leadership skills are most visible at meetings.
  • Both executives in charge and those in attendance at meetings complain about the ineffectiveness of meetings.  If every meeting had a taxi meter that ran on salaries and time, meetings would be a lot shorter and much more efficient.
  • This material will give you techniques and strategies needed to conduct and contribute to effective meetings.

A few excerpts of the topics you will find:

Basic Meeting Objectives
Planning Your Meeting
Five Main Reasons for Conducting Meetings
Planning Your Agenda
Meeting Invitations
Meeting Participation
Facilitating Your Meeting
Self Evaluation and Road Block Breakers
The Leader’s Role
Ways to Handle an Impasse
Rules for Brainstorming
Steps for Agenda Items
Ending A Meeting
Elements of High Efficiency Meetings

One of the best uses of the Effective Meetings and Meeting Facilitation information is to put it all in your “toolbox” and then pull it out and use whatever materials you need when you need it.  If having effective meetings is important to you and what you are doing, download your copy of the self-help ebook Effective Meetings and Meeting Facilitation now.

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