Leadership Training

Leadership Training provides leaders  and managers at all levels with information immediately useful and valuable.

Leadership Training is a self-help ebook that provides eleven chapters of solutions for our changing world for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes:

Chapter 1 – What is Leadership?
Chapter 2 – Ethics and Leadership
Chapter 3 – Mission and Vision
Chapter 4 – Plans and Planning
Chapter 5 – Group Dynamics Defined
Chapter 6 – Decision Making
Chapter 7 – Team Building
Chapter 8 – Communications
Chapter 9 – The Learning Organization
Chapter 10 – Managing Change
Chapter 11 – Conflict Management

A few excerpts of the topics you will find:

Basic Functions of the Leadership Role
Characteristics of Effective Leaders
Guidelines for Managing Ethics in the Workplace
How to Have an Effective Vision
Leadership and Planning
Leadership Must Oversee Issues for New and Evolving Groups
Steps of the Decision Making Process
Some Teaming Basics
Communication and Feedback
The Learning Organization Checklist
Necessary Conditions for Change
The S-TLC System for Conflict Resolution

Over 100 pages of the most informative and easy to use materials for anyone looking to sharpen their leadership skills.  Follow the step-by-step processes for success.  You learn how to take control of your business direction, create a solid foundation and have your efforts driven by your vision, not the next problem to be solved.  Download your copy of the Leadership Training self-help ebook now.