Project Management – A Guide to Plotting Your Course

Project Management – A Guide to Plotting Your Course is a quick and easy read to help you develop your project management skills and provide you with some tools to successfully complete projects.

Project management is a topic  that covers a wide spectrum of activities and requirements.  Project Management – A Guide to Plotting Your Course provides 60 pages of content for you to use, complete with examples and diagrams to illustrate the concepts and tools used.  The material is presented so you can read it from beginning to end and adapt it to your specific needs.

guaranteeInformation included in this ebook:

  • The Four Phases of Project Management
  • Project Plans and Planning
  • Defining the Scope of Work
  • Negotiating Project Costs
    ……………………………………and much more.

A few excerpts of the topics you will find:

Keeping Project Focus and Priorities
Planning Definitions
Identify a Project/Report Format
Keeping the Project On Schedule & Within Budget
Budget Tools and Skills
Use of Meetings
Steps of the Decision Making Process
Some Positives of Conflict
Resolving ConflictWin/Win Project Negotiations
Typical Questions for Any Project Group or Team
Examples of Unacceptable Work Products
Be A Learning Organization

One of the best uses of this material is to put it all in your “toolbox” and then pull it out and use whatever materials you need when you need it.  If project management is important to you and what you are doing and you are in need of guidance in helping you plot your course of action, download your copy of the self-help ebook Project Management – A Guide to Plotting Your Course now.

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