Mission and Vision Statements – What’s the Point or Benefit?

What’s the Point?

Mission and vision statements articulate as clearly and vividly as possible why an organization exists, and put into words the desired “future state” of the organization.  A vision statement is a stated desired future that provides direction, aligns the key players and energizes people to achieve common goals. It states your organizational dream — it stretches the imagination and motivates people to rethink what is possible.

Well known is the old proverb, “Without a vision the people perish.”  Clear mission and vision statements are the most critical elements of a successful organization-wide transformation and are the heart of every enterprise’s strategic plan.  Mission and vision statements should be completely representative of the business you are in.  They will clearly state your goals and ideals, and concisely communicate these points to your marketplace, suppliers and employees.

What’s the Benefit?

While a mission statement communicates the purpose of your organization, your vision statement concentrates on the future with an optimistic but realistic perspective.  A vision communicates values; it is literally a possible dream.  Some inherent benefits of confirmed mission and vision statements:

  • They empower an enterprise
  • They build on the past
  • They are a vehicle for developing and communicating common values throughout the organization
  • They result in an increased and more meaningful commitment from management and workers
  • They unify people at all levels toward a common goal

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