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247359472473594720120110_k0017_moneymoney-259_final-sepiaWelcome to the Press Room for Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path to a Successful Business Future

The Press Room has been assembled to provide articles to help entrepreneurs, leadership, management and strategic planning practicioners better understand and use their business or personal mission and vision statements and the other leadership tools offered on this site.  These articles demonstrate the significance of these e-tools and how others have used them to further their government organizational, business and personal lives.

Press Releases and Published Articles:

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Mission and Vision Statements for Government Leadership Development
Mission and Vision Statements – The Secret
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Firefighter Says Personal Mission and Vision Helps Combat Fire
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Develop Your Vision Statement
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Be Vision Driven Not Problem Driven — Use Mission and Vision
Internet Consulting Company Shifts Business Focus with Mission and Vision Statements
Mission and Vision Statements Urged for Fitness Professionals
So, You’ve Got Your Marketing Plan…. Got Mission and Vision?
Business Ethics Professor Cites Mission and Vision Process Transformational in Business Practice and Performance
How to Write a Successful Mission & Vision Statement

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