Revamp Your Mission and Vision Statement with These Easy to Use Tips

Revamp Your Mission and Vision Statement

Here are a few key tips to help you revamp or redefine your mission and vision statements:247516072475160720120331_0038_success

1. Re-examine what sets you apart from your competitors.

2. If someone contacted you about what seemed like a reasonable opportunity, are your statements specific enough to give you a business-oriented reason to accept or reject that opportunity and explain the reasoning for the acceptance or rejection – based on your mission and vision statements?

3. Do your statements guide you toward an ideal customer?

4. Do your statements help the company avoid seeking to be all things to all people?

These tips can begin the process of re-energizing your business with confidence and give you more consciously focused mission and vision statements. This will help enable your business to not only survive but to grow in the years ahead.  For additional help with your mission statement and vision statement or if you need to develop your mission and vision statements, go to now.


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