Schools Gear Up With Mission and Vision Statements

StudentsGear Up With Mission and Vision Statements

Attracting students to public, private or college campuses has become a competitive marketplace. Business strategies in defining direction and purpose can now be found in schools ranging from kindergarten through graduate program school mission statements and vision statements.

Parents and students benefit from this effort with aligning their needs to the school’s focus and defined statements.  A public school in Hampton, New York states their mission “to be committed to providing opportunities for educational growth that empowers students to become responsible and productive members of society.”

Another school’s mission statement recognizes the need for a safe environment.  The American Canyon Middle School, a California Distinguished School, states its focus “that all staff, students and their families have the responsibility to help each individual realize their optimum academic and social potential in a safe, respectful and widely diverse learning community.”

These examples are benefit driven enabling good decision making.  “Today’s business climate demands the same focused structure to succeed” writes Don Midgett, author of “Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path to a Successful Business Future.  Any effort put into creating a Mission and Vision Statement, ultimately when used properly, will lead to clear and effective strategic planning.”

Whether it be offering an educational experience or building and sustaining a business, the foundation of having a mission statement and vision statement will provide flexibility in developing vision-driven change rather than problem-driven change.  Colleagues or employees are able to continue to achieve when market fluctuations occur.

Exactly like parents and students who are considering schools, businesses have successfully attracted and maintained employees who have aligned themselves with the company’s mission and purpose and their planned vision for the future.

Mission and vision statements have a lot of power.  Discover and develop your mission statement and vision statement right away.  You will find that there is an opportunity to use your mission statement and be inspired by your vision statement in every aspect of one’s business or personal life.  Integrate your mission and vision statements with passion and it will be your legacy.  Need help with your mission and vision statements?  Please go to now to receive additional information.

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