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Tips for Having a Mission and Vision Driven Online Learning Experience

Do you know what your specific mission (purpose) and vision (desired outcome) are for your planned online learning experience? Here are five tips for making any online learning experience you undertake more mission and vision driven and achieve its purpose and desired outcomes.

#1. Preview  – many times you can preview courses before enrolling. Also see if you can be sure the instructor’s style appeals to you and what you are looking for, especially if it is a paid course.

#2. Course Requirements – be sure to understand all the requirements. You may need to complete certain tasks before you are allowed to move to the next lesson(s). Are there real-time elements that require you to join classes or teleconferences at scheduled times? Remember, if a course or class does not work for your schedule, you will not succeed.

#3. Time Commitment – be sure to schedule the days and times you want and plan to take the courses. Do this even if you are not required to sign in at scheduled times.

#4. No Short Cuts – do not multitask or be engaged with other things. If you do not fully engage, you will not learn.

#5. Study & Practice – typically no one will be monitoring your online course progress. You must commit to fulfilling assignments or you shortchange yourself. One very helpful tool of online learning is the ability to go back and review materials when you need to.

By using these five tips, you will create for yourself a mission and vision driven online learning experience that will produce your desired purpose and outcome. If you need additional help in seeing and defining your desired mission and vision for the future, please go to http://missionvisionstatement.com. There you will find helpful information and tools to assist you, no matter what your desired purpose or future; hoping this helps you have a better online learning experience.

Building Customer Relationships and Satisfaction

Build Customer Relationships and Satisfaction with These 12 Processes

Building customer relationships and satisfaction is critical in any business, industry, or public segment. It is something that is done over time and with a carefully tailored set of processes. To build a customer service culture, strengthen customer relationships and determine customer satisfaction, the following set of processes are needed to respond to new customers, retain existing customers and develop new opportunities.Kozzi-vector_image_of_people_holding_idea_bulb-38

  • works at building customer loyalty
  • easy for customers to comment or complain; methods and
    procedures are in place
  • complaints processed in a timely manner
  • complaints and their responses are tracked
  • indicators and measures exist for key customer requirements
  • customer service process provides accountability and standards
  • ongoing research into customer needs and desires
  • customer comments/complaints analyzed for improvement
    opportunities and to manage relationships better
  • measures customer satisfaction
  • proactive follow-up for all customers
  • evaluates and builds customer relationships
  • takes action based on customer evaluation data

Building, customizing and using the twelve process areas above will allow you to build your customer relationships and customer satisfaction with informed input and meaningful assessments.  For additional help go to www.missionvisionstatement.com and review the information on building a customer service culture, including an ebook on the topic.