Test Your Mission and Vision Statements

Time to test drive your mission statement and vision statement? You have now completed your mission statement and vision statement.  You have your vehicle (the mission) and the destination (your vision).  “Now,” states Don Midgett, author of Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path to a Successful Business Future, “you have to see whether the maps (the statements) take you where you want to go.”banner_newhome2013.gif

Your vision statement has to carry you forward into the future and sustain you when you hit dead ends, blind alleys or other obstacles in your path.  If you have monitoring processes in place, you will know whether your maps are taking you toward your destination.  Here are 5 of l7 test questions listed in Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path to a Successful Business Future to help you test drive your mission and vision statements.

l.. Does your mission and vision support what should be your main sources of income? 

2.  If your business achieves the vision statement, will it be successful?

3. If someone contacted you about what seemed like a reasonable opportunity, are your statements specific enough to give you a business-oriented reason to accept or reject that opportunity based on your mission and vision statements?

4.  Do the mission and visions statements, when compared to the statements of similar businesses, clearly set your company apart?  Do they show your unique selling proposition?

5. Do you statements guide you toward an ideal customer?

The benefits from doing a test drive of your mission and vision statements will test their present accuracy, despite changes in the business or the thinking within your company.  It will define goals and the products or services that match your mission.  When you test, you remove the guesswork as to whether your ideas work in the real marketplace.

If you have yet to develop or you want to test drive your mission statement and vision statement and need additional help, visit www.missionvisionstatement.com now.  You will find case studies, ezine articles and press releases that will be helpful, as well as the e-book on mission and vision statements, now used in 35 countries.

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